Live Winter Weather Updates – February 2, 2022

2/2 at 7:00PM: Our TSA checkpoint will open at 5:30 AM tomorrow (rather than the normal 3:45 AM) due to the early morning flights being cancelled already for 2/3. Snow crews swept the runway after receiving a small amount of snow, and the runway remains open.

2/2 at 4:45PM:  Snow crews added deicing fluid to runways, and the main runway is dry and open. The airport continues to operate normally. Please give yourself plenty of time to travel safely to the airport, and check with your airline for the most up to date flight status information.

2/2 at 1:58 PM: The main runway is still clear, and snow crews continue to monitor conditions so they can respond immediately as needed. If you’re scheduled to fly out, or plan to pick someone up, then check the flight status with the airline before leaving.

2/2 at 7:45 AM: The airport continues to operate normally, and runways are open and in good condition. Our snow crews are ready to respond as the storm system arrives. Passengers, always remember to check with your airline for the latest flight status information.