Breeze Airways™ Debuts Airbus A220 Aircraft on 17 Existing Routes, Including Tulsa to Tampa, FL, Starting May 5; Announces $99 Introductory ‘Nicest’ Fare with First Class Seat

Salt Lake City, UT (January 19, 2022)Breeze Airways plans to announce new, longer routes for the airline’s Airbus A220 aircraft in the coming weeks but Tulsa travelers will be among the first to have the opportunity to fly on the new aircraft to Tampa, FL, from May 5, 2022*.  Breeze will premiere its new ‘Nicest’ fare with first-class seating, with an introductory fare of just $99.  The introductory $99 Nicest fare is not available on all flights and must be purchased by 11:59pm ET on January 25, 2002**.

Breeze will have 15 A220-300s in service by the end of 2022 which will be used primarily for longer-haul flights, including transcontinental service.  The carrier, which began service in May 2021 with an all-Embraer fleet, has agreed to purchase 80 A220-300s, with one aircraft scheduled to be delivered each month for the next six and a half years.

Nicest Fare

Until now, Breeze Guests have been able to select from either the ‘Nice’ or ‘Nicer’ fare when booking on the Breeze website or app.  When booking a flight on the A220-300, Guests will have a third fare option to select, the ‘Nicest’ fare, which will feature a range of bundled amenities in addition to a first-class seat.

The Nicest fare also includes two checked bags, a carry-on bag and a personal item, and Guests will receive 6% BreezePoints earned.   Fresh food items will be introduced later with the longer routes.  All A220-300 aircraft will be outfitted later this year with the technology allowing Guests to seamlessly stream TV or movies, check email, browse the internet and stay connected via social media or messaging apps while inflight.

First Class Seat

Breeze’s A220-300 aircraft will feature a dynamic seating plan which can be customized for seasonality, or by route.  The A220s will feature a range between 10 and 45 extra legroom seats and 80 standard legroom seats, all in a two-by-three configuration.  The aircraft also will be outfitted with between 12 and 36 first class seats in a two-by-two configuration, featuring 39-inches of seat pitch, 20.5-inches of seat width and special features such as a footrest for added comfort.  All seats are fitted with in-seat power and USB ports.

First A220 Flights

Breeze has extended its travel booking window through September 6, 2022, revealing on which routes the A220 will operate.  The A220 will not operate every day on each route.  To determine which flights are operated by the A220, check to see if there is a “Nicest” fare option, which is only available on the Airbus jet.

The A220 will operate on the following routes:

Tampa, FL to:

  • Akron/Canton, OH (starting 5/4/22) ;
  • Charleston , SC (starting 5/4/22);
  • Louisville, KY (starting 5/4/22);
  • Norfolk, VA (starting 5/4/22);
  • Oklahoma City, OK (starting 5/4/22);
  • Richmond, VA (starting 5/4/22);
  • Tulsa, OK (starting 5/5/22);
  • Bentonville/Fayetteville, AR (starting 5/6/22);
  • Huntsville, AL (starting 5/6/22).

Charleston, SC to:

  • Tampa, FL (starting 5/4/22);
  • Providence, RI (starting 5/5/22);
  • Richmond, VA (starting 5/26/22);
  • Hartford, CT (starting 6/2/22);
  • Huntsville, AL (starting 6/30/22).

Norfolk, VA to:

  • Tampa, FL (starting 5/4/22);
  • Columbus, OH (starting 6/2/22);
  • Hartford, CT (starting 6/2/22).

Richmond, VA to:

  • Tampa, FL (starting 5/4/22);
  • Charleston, SC (starting 5/26/22).

Akron/Canton, OK to:

  • Tampa, FL (starting 5/4/22).

Louisville, KY to:

  • Tampa, FL (starting 5/4/22).

Oklahoma City, OH to:

  • Tampa, FL (starting 5/4/22).

Providence, RI to:

  • Charleston, SC (starting 5/5/22).

Tulsa, OK to:

  • Tampa, FL (starting 5/5/22).

Bentonville/Fayetteville, AR to:

  • Tampa, FL (starting 5/6/22).

Huntsville, AL to:

  • Tampa, FL (starting 5/6/22);
  • Charleston, SC (starting 6/30/22).

Hartford, CT to:

  • Charleston, SC (starting 6/2/22);
  • Columbus, OH (starting 6/2/22);
  • Norfolk, VA (starting 6/2/22);
  • Pittsburgh, PA; (starting 6/2/22).

Columbus, OH to:

  • Hartford, CT (starting 6/2/22);
  • Norfolk, VA (starting 6/2/22).

Pittsburgh, PA to:

  • Hartford, CT (starting 6/2/22).

Based in Salt Lake City, UT, Breeze developed an app to deliver a simple and streamlined travel experience that provides the Guest with all the self-service tools they need to book, manage, change, and cancel flights.  The airline does not have a traditional call center – instead opting to handle Guest requests via text message, Facebook Messenger and email. Breeze never charges change or cancellation fees, even up to 15 minutes before departure, and flight credits don’t expire for 24 months.