Exit Lane Doors Upgraded at TUL

September 6, 2018 – Passengers exiting from Concourse A from Tulsa International Airport will now pass through a newly installed automated one-way exit lane system.  The KABA system will reduce operating expenses for the airport and improve passenger flow, while maintaining the safety and security of passengers within the post-security area.

The new system, first installed at the exit of Concourse B in early 2017, replaces a revolving door that was a frustration of passengers who often encountered a line when exiting.  While the old system only allowed two passengers to exit about every five seconds, which equated to about 1,440 passengers per hour, the new double-lane doors accommodate approximately 7,200 passengers per hour.

“We heard the voice of our passengers and took action,” said Tulsa International Airport CEO, Mark VanLoh.  “The new system improves passenger satisfaction and reduces operating costs for staffing and maintenance – a fantastic solution for all parties.”

The KABA system uses a combination of automated technology that includes alarms and motion analytic sensors. The doors automatically open for people approaching but will sound an alarm if someone approaches from the opposite direction. If alarms are activated, the series of exit doors will not open until cleared by airport law enforcement officers.

The total project installation was approximately $329,000 but will save the airport $262/day from eliminated guard staffing at the exit lane.