Flintco Construction Selected for Tulsa International Airport’s New Air Traffic Control Tower Project

Flintco Construction Selected for Tulsa International Airport’s New Air Traffic Control Tower Project

TULSA, Oklahoma – May 9, 2024 – Flintco Construction has been selected by Tulsa Airports Improvement Trust (TAIT) to build its new Air Traffic Control Tower Complex. Construction of the new tower and base building with TRACON (Terminal Radar Approach Control Facilities) will begin soon, with plans for the project to be completed in late 2026. Tulsa International Airport plans to host a groundbreaking ceremony later in the summer to commence the construction kickoff of this historic project.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Flintco Construction, a firm that not only understands the unique complexities of airport operations but also shares our commitment to safety and innovation. With their proven expertise, they will soon bring life to this highly anticipated new air traffic control tower”, said Alexis Higgins, Chief Executive Officer at Tulsa International Airport. “This project is more than an upgrade; it’s a commitment to safety, efficiency, and the future of air travel at our airport and the throughout region.”

“Since 1980, Flintco has been able to foster a long-lasting partnership with the Tulsa Airport Authority, and we are honored to be able to build this 257’ tall air traffic control tower for the airport.”, said Russ Peevy, Vice President, Area Manager at Flintco Construction. “This will mark our eleventh project together, and we as a company are grateful for the privilege to be a part of these improvements at Tulsa International Airport.”

Background Information:

The Tulsa International Airport Air Traffic Control Tower (TUL ATCT), commissioned in 1957, stands as one of the oldest towers in the FAA’s system. Despite ongoing modifications to meet operational demands over the years, the current tower no longer meets modern building codes, making maintenance costs increasingly expensive.

Since TAIT is the owner of the TUL ATCT, the organization has worked to secure the majority of the needed funds to design and build a new Air Traffic Control Tower and TRACON facility. This project is crucial not only for maintaining the safety and efficiency of air traffic at TUL but also for expanding operational capabilities beyond current limits.

In 2023 alone, the FAA directed more than 328,000 terminal operations from its Tulsa ATC complex, highlighting the critical role TUL plays in regional air traffic safety. Additionally, the facility serves as an essential backup for military and air traffic operations in the Oklahoma City area, ensuring continuity of services in case of major disruptions.


Project Costs

Engineering Design: $4,615,402

Construction and Project Administration: $81,514,000

FAA Equipment and Services: $26,483,198

Total Projected Cost: $112,612,600


Grant Funding Sources

Tulsa County: $7,000,000

City of Tulsa: $7,000,000

State of Oklahoma: $19,600,000

Federal Appropriation: $40,000,000

FAA Bipartisan Infrastructure ATP: $12,500,000

Total Grant Funds: $86,100,000

 Funding Gap (TAIT) – $26,512,600



  • Groundbreaking in late summer 2024
  • Construction September 2024 – October 2026
  • FAA Equipment Installation – Winter 2026
  • Acceptance and Operational Start – Spring 2027

In addition to approving the agreement with Flintco Construction, the TAIT Board also approved a resolution to name the new Air Traffic Control Tower Complex in honor of Senator James M. Inhofe, recognizing his legacy of service and impact on the Tulsa International Airport, the nation’s aviation infrastructure, and to the City of Tulsa.

Exterior Rendering of New Tulsa International Airport Air Traffic Control Tower Complex.

New Tower will be 257’ tall, over 100’ taller than the current tower to improve visibility.

 The new Air Traffic Control Tower Complex is just one of several major projects within Tulsa International Airport’s multi-year growth plan. Learn more about the other plans at

About Tulsa Airports Improvement Trust: Tulsa Airports Improvement Trust (TAIT) administers, manages and operates Tulsa International Airport (TUL) and Tulsa Riverside Airport (RVS), both of which are owned by the City of Tulsa. TAIT’s mission is to provide a safe, efficient, self-supporting airport system for the citizens of the Tulsa metropolitan area and surrounding region.

About Tulsa International Airport: Five air carriers offer nonstop service from TUL to 22 destinations across the country. In 2023, the airport had the highest number of annual passengers since 2008 with a total of 3.14 million passengers. For more information visit

About Flintco Construction: Flintco was founded in 1908 and maintains eight full-service offices. The company is registered or licensed in 34 states, and offers a full range of construction services, including: preconstruction services, construction management, design-build, general contracting, and project and program management. Our self-perform capabilities include concrete, steel erection, excavation, underground infrastructure, and piping. Flintco is debt-free, maintaining a healthy balance sheet with exceptional bonding capacity. Our behavioral based approach to Safety called Flintco 4 LIFE (Live Incident Free Everyday) has delivered extraordinary results benefiting our clients and industry trade partners. Flintco has successfully reintroduced the practice of Lean to the construction industry with the adoption of Lean2.0®, a uniquely Flintco approach to driving efficiency and value for our clients, designers and trade partners.