New Curbside Procedures at Tulsa International Airport

TULSA, OK – August 16, 2019 – Passenger traffic at Tulsa International Airport has steadily increased, and is now at an 11-year high. With the increase of passenger numbers, TUL has also seen a surge in vehicles on TUL’s roadways.

Two years ago, there were approximately 25,000 vehicles using the roadways per week. Recent counts indicate that the number is now around 45,000 vehicles per week. This 80% increase in traffic translates into gridlock, frustrated drivers and passengers, and a general disruption of the smooth flow of traffic that all visitors would like to experience.

In order to keep our roadways safe for visitors, Tulsa International Airport is changing curbside procedures. Effective August 18th, parking and waiting at the curb for passengers to arrive will no longer be permitted. Vehicles parked at the curb must be in the process of active loading or unloading of baggage and picking up or dropping off passengers.

The terminal curbsides have signs posted that designate locations as an active loading and unloading area only. Visitors awaiting the arrival of passengers are welcome to wait in the free cell phone lot. The cell phone lot is located off the airport entrance road, just south of the terminal.

If passengers would like to go inside the terminal while they wait for passengers to arrive, they can utilize short-term parking, which is located on the top level of the parking garage. Short-term parking is $1 the first 30 minutes, or $2 per hour, with a max of $12 per day.

Tulsa International Airport police officers will be on patrol at the curb to enforce the new curbside procedure. Officers will also be helping inform drivers of the free cell phone lot that is available for drivers to use as they wait to pick up passengers. Drivers who refuse to move their cars out of the active loading area may be issued a traffic citation.

TUL’s online parking guide has a map that shows where the cell-phone lot and short-term parking are located.

This new procedure will bring the airport in line with other airports that have not allowed curbside parking since 2001. The new procedures will also keep passengers from stepping into oncoming traffic at the crosswalk, and streamline traffic flow.