Tulsa International Airport Moves Uber and Lyft Pickup Location to Arrivals Roadway

TULSA, Oklahoma – February 28, 2023 – Starting March 1, 2023, Tulsa International Airport will be relocating its app-based rideshare pickup locations to the central part of the Arrivals Roadway. This move is aimed at improving the passenger experience by providing a more convenient and easily accessible pickup location.

Passengers arriving at Tulsa International Airport will now be able to find their Uber or Lyft ride just steps outside of the Baggage Claim areas on the Arrivals Roadway, making it easier and faster to locate their driver. The previous location was on the lower level on the Departures Roadway, and required arriving passengers take an escalator or elevator down a level from Baggage Claim to meet their driver. The decision to move comes from feedback from passengers and ridesharing app drivers alike that the old pickup location was difficult to find.

“This move will make it easier for passengers to find their ride, since it’s just steps outside of the Baggage Claim areas,” said Andrew Pierini, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer. “We’re always happy to simplify things for our passengers, so we’re excited about this new rideshare pickup location.”

How to get an Uber or Lyft at Tulsa International Airport:

  • Inside the terminal, follow signs to “Baggage Claim” and step outside on the sidewalk that is next to the curb of Arrivals Roadway. This area is covered by canopies.
  • Once you are outside and ready to be picked up, use your preferred ridesharing app to request a ride, just as you would elsewhere. Your driver will pick you up in the central part of the Arrivals Roadway, which is located between the Concourse A and Concourse B Baggage Claim areas. You will get picked up in the right lane, behind the taxis.

For more information on the new Uber and Lyft pick up locations, please visit the Tulsa International Airport website at

Customers can also call Airport Information at 918-838-5000, or email [email protected] if they have questions.