Dr. Simon A. Levit Sculpture Garden Dedication Event Held at Tulsa International Airport

Tulsa International Airport held a dedication event this afternoon for the Dr. Simon A. Levit Sculpture Garden that features pieces from Dr. Levit’s personal collection placed in a landscaped garden easily accessible for visitors to enjoy when traveling through the airport.

The garden is the result of a community driven effort initiated by the airport’s Cultural Advisory Group to improve the aesthetic experience for travelers, employees, and guests passing through Tulsa International Airport.  The concept was first proposed by Herb Fritz, a long-time art enthusiast and architect with deep roots in the layout and design of the airport.  His vision led to the discussion with the Levit family in March 2013.

Fritz subsequently designed the layout of the garden based on the generous contribution provided by the Levit family, who donated two pieces from artist Dominic Benhura and a third piece that was designed by Menashe Kadishman, and crafted by local Tulsa artist Lisa Regan.  Additional resources for this project were developed by Mike Tramontana who raised funds to support the installation, landscaping, and lighting of the garden.

Today, the sculpture garden sits just outside of the terminal and is visible to the public both from the roadway and from inside the terminal building.  Tulsa Airports CEO, Mark VanLoh, praised the generosity of the Levit family and other community funders and expressed his appreciation on behalf of airport guests.  VanLoh said, “This garden is an amazing gift for Tulsa and our travelers.  It provides the perfect haven for an often hectic travel experience.”

The Sculpture Garden is open to the public and remains available for viewing twenty-four hours a day. Passengers and guests are able to walk the area on a paved walkway and take a moment to reflect by relaxing on one of two benches created by Lisa Regan. The Garden is located on the Arrivals roadway, between Schwab Hall and the American Airlines baggage claim area.

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