Tulsa International Airport Selects Artist to Create Terminal Suspended Art Installation

Tulsa International Airport Selects Artist to Create Terminal Suspended Art Installation

TULSA, OK – August 10, 2023 – Tulsa International Airport (TUL) announced that Shane Darwent will create a one-of-a-kind suspended art installation for the terminal, which is expected to be completed by summer 2024. With a total cost of $225,000, this public art project will be the largest investment the airport has funded for its collection.

About “Sunrising”

The new piece titled “Sunrising”, will hang over the entrance to the TSA checkpoint and will feature a series of 40 suspended colored-resin panels which shift through the color gradation of a sky from sunrise to sunset. Each panel will be individually mounted to a motor hidden in the ceiling above, and the entire installation will slowly rotate, creating a wavelike movement from side to side across a 140’ span. The slow movement of colored panels hovering above will serve as a point of reflection for passengers and the trips they just made, or the journeys they are about to embark on.

“When I catch the drama of the Tulsa sky at sunrise or sunset, it carries hints of nostalgia but seems to glow with the rich promise of tomorrow,” said Shane Darwent, a Tulsa resident artist. “I would love for my installation to inspire reflection in fellow travelers – an opportunity to slow down in our rush from here to there and take time to consider yesterday’s sunsets, and the potential of tomorrow’s sunrise.”

To view and download renderings of “Sunrising” click this Dropbox folder link.

 About the Artist

Shane Darwent, a Tulsa-based artist, moved to the area in 2018 after being selected to join the Tulsa Artist Fellowship and has since made significant contributions to the city’s public art collection and economy. Over the past two years, Darwent has managed both public and private commissions with a combined budget of nearly $900,000. Darwent was the creative lead and project manager for the outdoor public artwork at USA BMX Headquarters in Greenwood, and recently completed an extensive international collaboration with the Paris-based fashion house Saint Laurent. With every project he creates, whether it’s for a local or international client, he is mindful of using local vendors for fabrication and other project expenses. “Sunrising” will also be fabricated in Tulsa with high recycled content materials, which gives the installation the added bonus of having a low carbon footprint.

The Selection Process

The airport posted a call for artists in April 2023 and received over 140 submissions from artists both nationally and internationally. A selection committee comprised of a group of citizens representing the local arts community (TUL’s Cultural Advisory Group) and airport staff reviewed each entry and narrowed down the applications to their top five choices. Those final applicants were each given a $2,000 stipend to present their final concept in person at TUL to the selection committee and airport staff. The selection committee unanimously chose “Sunrising”, as they felt it best embodied the spirit of travel, elevates the guest experience at the airport, and has the most long-lasting positive impression for the public.

“Airport art that is both inspiring and impactful has been a priority for TUL since the formation of Cultural Advisory Group in 2006,” said Stephanie Chester, Marketing Manager at Tulsa Airports Improvement Trust. “This is the largest art investment we have ever funded, and it is a testament to our mission of creating a world-class experience. We’re excited that this piece will be on display for our passengers as they start of their journeys.”

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