Airport Art & Culture

The Cultural Advisory Group (CAG) develops and executes a strategic plan for incorporating art and cultural exhibits in areas throughout the airport terminal to showcase local artists, galleries and museums. Managed by a group of citizens representing the local arts community joined together with airport staff, CAG has been in operation since 2006.

Future plans include the incorporation of permanent and rotating exhibit space throughout the airport terminal.

Art and Culture Master Plan

Airport Art Inventory

Art Exhibit Billy Parker Plane

Art Exhibit Application

Tulsa International Airport is committed to promoting the unique cultural elements and art venues available in our City and throughout northeast Oklahoma. The Airport is always willing to accept applications from local artists, galleries, museums, and others to display art pieces and/or exhibits to our travelers. The application will be forwarded to the Airport’s Cultural Advisory Group for consideration.

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Mailing Address

Stephanie Chester
Community Relations Manager
Tulsa International Airport
7777 Airport Drive, Suite A211,
Tulsa, OK 74115

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