Expressive Speech

The purpose of this policy is for the Tulsa Airports Improvement Trust ( TAIT ) to provide guidelines regarding free speech and expressive activity at the Tulsa International Airport and the Tulsa Riverside Airport (collectively the “Airport”). Free speech and expressive activity consist of demonstrations, signature collecting, distribution of printed material, sale of printed material, and solicitation for non-commercial purposes.
The Airport is a security sensitive environment, designed and utilized as an air transportation facility providing safe and efficient air travel. This policy provides restrictions on the time, place, and manner of permitted free speech and expressive activity at the Airport. The purpose of the restrictions is to ensure that the primary purpose of the Airport of providing safe and efficient air travel is maintained by: (a) maximizing passenger traffic flow; (b) avoiding congestion, operational disruptions, duress, fraud and disturbance to passengers and patrons and visual blight and clutter; and (c) promoting the health, security and safety of passengers, employees and patrons at the Airport.
The Airport constitutes non-public forums that are subject to reasonable and viewpoint-neutral limitations and restrictions on free speech and expressive activity. This policy applies and will be enforced without regard to either the identity of the person or organization seeking to engage in free speech and expressive activity or the viewpoint of the message sought to be communicated. No person shall engage in free speech and expressive activity on Airport property, including, but not limited to, the Airport terminals, sidewalks, walkways, and parking lots, without filing for and receiving a permit issued by the Airport and such free speech and expressive activity must be conducted in accordance with this policy and the terms of the issued permit.