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As a hub of aerospace activity for the region, Tulsa International Airport is looking to support the growth of the industry by developing the Airport’s 700+ acres of real estate. Aerospace is one of the state’s largest industry clusters with 400 companies that directly or indirectly employ more than 143,000 people with a payroll of $4.7 billion and an industrial output of $11.7 billion. Tulsa is ranked 8th nationally for the size of its aerospace engines manufacturing cluster and 20th for its defense-related cluster.

TUL’s central location in the midwest is easily accessible by a multi-modal transportation network. With a total of 4,000 acres and 14,000 on-airport employees, it’s clear that TUL is the region’s core of aerospace activity, and an ideal location for your future business operations. The map below outlines sites by location. Each of the sites can be divided into smaller lots to meet your organization’s individual needs.

Industrial Development Opportunities

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For an interactive map to view all of TUL’s developable property, please contact Daniel Regan for a Google Earth hyperlink. If you do not have Google Earth on your computer, please download it here before proceeding. Learn more about Aerospace and Industrial opportunities in Tulsa here.

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