Cargo & U.S. Customs

Tulsa International Airport’s convenient location adjacent to three interstate highways, two major railways, and within ten minutes of the nation’s largest inland ice-free sea port makes it an ideal location for efficient cargo operations.

The following companies have cargo operations at TUL:

airplane engine


Contact: 1.800.225.5345

FedEx Airlines

Contact: 1.800.225.5345

UPS Airlines

Contact: 1.800.225.5345

American Airlines

Contact: 1.800.227.4622

Southwest Airlines

Contact: 1.800.533.1222

United Airlines

Contact: 1.800.421.2456

United Postal Services

Contact: 1.800.275.8777

U.S. Customs

U.S. Customs clearance services are available at Tulsa International Airport. After hours clearance can be arranged as long as the Customs office knows of an arrival by 2:00 p.m. on the same day. Weekend arrivals need to be arranged by Friday at 2:00 p.m. Charter flights can be cleared with 20 or fewer people on board, including crew, as long as the carrier is bonded with Customs and Border Protection. Clearance takes place on the aircraft.
To arrange for clearance, call: (918) 832-4130.