Airport Therapy Dogs

Tulsa International is friendly and a little bit fuzzy thanks to our Welcome Waggin’ Program. This therapy dog program is an additional service to our customers, helping to enhance their experience at Tulsa International Airport. Not only can our passengers expect to see our friendly Airport Ambassadors, but our four-legged Welcome Waggin’ friends as well.

Program Overview

Airports around the world are deploying teams of furry friends and their handlers to help ease the stress of air travel. Tulsa International Airport is happy to join the ranks of other airports that provide this free service to our passengers. The Welcome Waggin’ dogs and their owners volunteer two-hour shifts at the Airport. They walk the terminals offering opportunities for passengers to pet and enjoy some quality time with man’s best friend.

Program Goal

The Welcome Waggin’ Program makes our customers’ experiences through Tulsa International Airport more relaxed and enjoyable. The Welcome Waggin’ adds an extra layer of fun and calm. The goal is to provide the very best airport experience possible in a professional manner with confidence, patience, compassion and respect for all people and four-legged animals.

Program Impact

Welcome Waggin’ teams help represent a visitor’s first impression of our airport and community and volunteer actions reflect on the Airport, the city of Tulsa and the state of Oklahoma. Welcome Waggin’ teams are synonymous with a smile, a caring heart and a helping hand or furry paw that reaches out to airport users.


Welcome Waggin’, both handlers and dogs, are required to be certified with Alliance of Therapy Dogs, Inc. (ATD). For information about how to become an ATD handler go to


The Welcome Waggin’ teams offer calming opportunities for passengers at Tulsa International Airport. This includes walking through concourses and other designated public areas of the terminal, allowing passengers to see and pet the dog; assisting in customer service provided by the airlines, airport and TSA as directed by the Welcome Waggin’ Coordinators; and assisting as additional “eyes and ears” for emergencies, maintenance, security and customer concerns.