Entryway Signage

Tulsa sign evening

New Monumental Entryway Signage



The NTP date is set for March 18, 2024 to remove the old sign.


Project Overview


Provide a modern, more welcoming design to our customers.



Background: Tulsa International Airport’s (TUL’s) existing entry sign does not provide a welcoming experience for our customers or exude the modern experience they will have while at TUL.

In crafting the design for the new entry monument at the Tulsa Airport, our primary goal was to imbue it with the vibrant personality of Tulsa itself. Tulsa, a city rich in history, culture, and art deco influences, served as the muse for this monumental creation. The essence of Tulsa’s dynamic spirit is intricately woven into every facet of the structure, reflecting the resilience, creativity, and warmth that define the city.

Drawing inspiration from Tulsa’s iconic art deco architecture, the monument stands as a testament to the city’s artistic legacy. Bold geometric shapes, intricate detailing, and a harmonious blend of colors pay homage to the art deco movement that has left an indelible mark on Tulsa’s landscape. Each element serves as a visual ode to the city’s commitment to artistic expression and innovation.

The warm and welcoming ambiance of the monument is carefully curated to ensure that it serves as more than just an entrance point; it is a gateway to the heart and soul of Tulsa. As travelers arrive, they are greeted by a design that seamlessly merges functionality with aesthetics. The use of inviting materials, thoughtful landscaping, and strategically placed lighting creates an atmosphere that invites visitors to experience the hospitality that Tulsa is renowned for.

This entry monument not only marks the physical gateway to the airport but also serves as a symbolic threshold into the unique spirit of Tulsa. It is a celebration of the city’s past, present, and future, encapsulating the warmth, diversity, and creativity that make Tulsa a truly special place. Through this monument, we hope to leave a lasting impression on all who pass through, fostering a sense of connection and appreciation for the distinctive personality that defines Tulsa.

Estimated Project Costs

$1.07 million for design, mock-up, construction contract, and construction administrative fees.


March 2024

Removal of Old Sign


March 2024

Construction Begins


September 2024




Vendors Used in Design

  • Gresham-Smith
  • GH2 Architects

Vendors Used in Construction

  • Lowry Construction Services, Inc.