Planespotting Observation Areas

Planespotting Observation Areas



New signage is currently being designed by local aviation enthusiast and graphic designer Lori Walderich with IdeaStudio. TAIT has researched different playground options that would be an additional experience for children to enjoy while they are planespotting. Next steps include finalizing the designs, and starting a fundraising campaign for the playground space. With the new additions, TAIT is wanting to have the entire renovation complete by Aviation Day 2025, which is held on August 19th.


Project Overview


Transform the plane-spotting viewing areas at TUL. The goal is to increase the utilization of designated observation areas, fostering enthusiasm for aviation activity within our community.



Background: TUL’s current planespotting areas are in need of improvements and upgrades. Currently at TUL, the planespotting area has one picnic table and an outdated sign. We are wanting to improve the experience for our Aviation enthuiasts, and provide play areas for younger children to enjoy while waiting for aircraft to take off and land.

Impacted Users

Aviation enthusiasts and the Tulsa community.

Estimated Project Costs: TBD


1 April 2024

Plan Submittal

Submit plans to TAIT Leadership Staff and TAIT Board

1 July 2024

Budget Approved

Approve budget of renovations, including new signs, elevated viewing area, and ADA-compliant playground.

August 2025

Grand opening

Hold a grand opening event at the new planespotting area for Aviation Day 2025.


Vendors Used in Design

  • TBD

Vendors Used in Construction

  • TBD